New year, new name, new beers! We are shooting for the stars in 2024 and we have a lot of exciting news to share.

Firstly, meet Below Brew Co! It’s same same, but different. We’re still the exact same team, making the exact same beers, and with the exact same goal: to make great AF craft brews for you. Rest assured nothing untoward has driven this decision. We simply wanted to ensure we are free to grow without worry, and we needed to button up some legal bits so we could all sleep better at night. This resulted in us changing our trading name to Below Brew Co! Alongside some updated can artwork with the new logo, we’ve also launched a shiny new website and have some cool merch up there for anyone who’s keen to rep the new brand.

Some beer orders in the coming weeks will still have the Lowtide logo, but this will gradually shift towards Below by the summer.

We’re also releasing our smashing collab with Electric Bear tomorrow. The OG fans will remember our Pale of Two Cities from a couple of years ago - this one is even better!

We’re looking forward to continuing to send out our fantastic beers and thank you for supporting us on this adventure!

Robert Buchinger-Jones